Country Star Wynonna Judd Sings To Her Younger Sister And Moves The Audience To Tears

Country superstar Wynonna Judd and famous actress Ashley Judd are two of the most talented sisters in the entertainment industry. Maybe that’s why it’s so touching to see big sister Wynonna dedicating a song to the younger Ashley in concert, and showcasing their sisterly bond onstage.

Ashley, star of such films as Divergent, Double Jeopardy, and Heat, is four years younger than Wynonna, who wrote ‘Come Some Rainy Day’ for his baby sister. And in the video below, she’s performing the song to her on stage.

The moment Ashley snuggle up to her sister smiled as Wynonna delivers the emotional-filled song brought Ashley and many in the audience to tears.

“No matter how famous she gets, she’ll always be my little sister,” Wynonna told the audience after concluding the song.

As Godvine wrote: “Grab those tissues now, because you’ll definitely need them!”

It’s hard not to tear up watching this. It’s a sisters thing.

H/T: Godvine, SF Globe.

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