Tiny House Built By Man Contains Unexpectedly Beautiful Interior

Do you think you’d be able to live in a home that only takes up 10×20 sq.ft., the equivalent of some storage units? This home may convince that you that not only is it possible, but comfortable as well.

Chris Heininge’s family has a heritage surrounding making things in grand scale, as his family has built over over 100 homes in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. After returning to his hometown after spending 20 years as a Christian missionary, he decided to use his skills of building things in the grand scale and compacted it into a project titled “Tiny House”.

Front of the home

A side view shows how narrow it is.

Sure enough, the result is a tiny looking house, but the interior shows how far good design and craftsmanship can go.

Living room with insulated windows and a couch that folds out into a queen size bed

Certainly a cozy home…

Customized kitchen compact under the staircase

Kitchen hallway leads to the bath

And the bathroom is a pleasant surprise…


Full-size jacuzzi bath-tub and water saving functions

And of course, the bedroom…

Simply pleasant

And all of this goes for $59,000, which isn’t bad considering its already fully furnished. Would you live in a home like this? Share on Facebook to see what other’s think!

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