17 Shelter Dogs Show Off Their Personality In Heartwarming Photoshoot

According to the Humane Society, nearly four million dogs end up in Animal Shelters across the country every year. About one third of these animals are euthanized if no one adopt them. takes them home creating a real problem for shelters trying to adopt older, and positively wonderful dogs to loving families.

The Utah division of HS found an incredibly creative way to help their pups find forever homes. With plenty of treats and a little patience, the great people at HSU managed to capture the adorable personality of their pups for all the world to see.

Most of these dogs have been adopted thanks to this awesome idea, but there are many more just waiting to be loved. Check out these pictures and please SHARE then with everyone you know!

What a wonderful way to help these adorable dogs! I wish I could adopt them all!

1. Are you Talking To Me? Yes, you must be talking to me.

2. He just Couldn’t hold it together

3. So cute!

4. Look what I can do!

5. High Five!

6. What you see is what you get.

7. You make me happy.

8. If you’re looking for a good friend, here I am.

9. I’ll bring joy to your life.

10. Just cool… just cool.

11. Do you see my eye wink?

12. Good girl!

13. How do I look?

14. I can smile on command.

15. Wanna see my serious face?

16. Smile with me.

17. I can do this all day.

Photos: Utah Humane Society.

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