Abused Pit Bull Comes Back From The Brink Of Death To Good Life

Published on Jan 6, 2016

When New York City workers came across a pit bull named Rudy who had been dumped in a plastic bucket in the street, they were so shocked by his condition that they decided to call SNARR Northeast and asked them to help.

The poor dog was on the brink of death, unable to walk, and covered in gaping wounds and holes down to his tendons. He was missing nearly all of his fur. He had a horrible fracture in his front leg and a tear in his bladder. No one knows how the dog ended up in such terrible condition, but the rescuers were shocked at how badly he has been abused.

“It is a miracle this broken boy survived,” SNARR wrote on their facebook page.

The pup is now recovering at a medical foster home. While the physical wounds are healing, rescuers are going the extra mile to make sure he overcomes the psychological trauma as well.

As the viral video below shows, he’s living a good life! Watch, and SHARE if you’re happy Rudy is getting the love he deserves.

H/T: Littlethings.

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