After Four Years Surviving On His Own, Injured “Ghost” Dog Is Finally Saved

Residents in Clarksville, Tennessee had noticed that a particularly evasive dog had been lurking the streets of their town, occasionally popping up near the backyards of their homes and on the outskirts of the forest nearby.

Soon enough, they noticed that the dog was injured and needed treatment badly, but they simply couldn’t catch him. One resident had left him food and water in his yard, and surely enough, the wandering dog named “Patches” by the community came back to the yard to eat and drink… for the duration 17 months.

Despite coming back, Patches was still like a “ghost”, nearly impossible to catch. However, the town had recently gained access to traps and hunting cameras that gave them to opportunity to gain hold of Patches to treat him. Only 4 days after setting up a harmless cage attached to a long parachute cord, Patches was finally rescued and brought in for treatment.

To their surprise, Patches had not only been out of a home for 17 months, but a total of 4 years. Thanks to Patches microchip, he was found out to belong to a family, but the family was no longer able to care for him.

This friendly and incredibly resilient dog is now in rehabilitation, where he will be lovingly adopted into a Forever home after his recovery.

It’s amazing how resilient some animals can be, and the story of this “wonder dog” shows just that.

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