They Rescued A One-Day Old Hippo, The Results Are Unexpectedly Adorable 7 Years Later

Hippos are one of the worlds most dangerous animals in Africa, especially on water. They can run up to 15 miles per hour on land, and swim twice as fast as that in the water. Despite being incredibly dangerous as a species, this rescued hippo is surprisingly friendly, and has found her way into this family’s home.

A South African family had taken upon themselves to raise this hippo, and despite being let go, the hippo always comes back home. Their relationship is so close with the family, that the hippo freely walks inside the house to check out whats going on in the kitchen.

The man who saved Jessica, the 7-year-old hippo at the time of this video, said, “There’s a fantastic bond I’ve never had with any other animal my whole life. I’ve raised elephants, buffalo, lions… and I’ve never had something this close, never ever.”

This isn’t your average pet, but nonetheless it’s still cute!

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