Little Boy Who Swallowed a Battery Finally Able To breathe And Talk On His Own After 65 Surgeries

When little Emmett Rauch of Peoria, Arizona, became lethargic, and feverish, doctors dismissed him as simply “being ill.” But the shocking truth behind this toddler’s tragic story will leave you speechless.

Unknown to his parents, the toddler had ingested a lithium battery from a DVD remote which shut off his airway and burned his esophagus, requiring 65 surgeries over the course of four years. It’s a miracle he survived. But after all that he is finally living the life of every other kid his age.

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Every year a reported 2,800 kids end up in emergency rooms after swallowing button cell batteries.

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Just a few weeks ago, a family found themselves in every parent’s worst nightmare after two-year-old daughter, Brianna Florer tragically died after swallowing a small silver button cell battery. It’s simply heartbreaking.

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Now, Emmet’s parents, Karla and Michael Rauch, are determined to share their story and have teamed with Safe Kids and National Poison Control to raise awareness about the dangers presented by batteries

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Michelle Chacon, a nurse who cared for Emmett, said she has seen several cases of children swallowing batteries and that “more should be done to make families aware of the household danger.”

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Emmett, now 5, had his tracheotomy tube removed in December, after a long battle that at times seemed impossible. But after 65 surgeries over the course of four years, he is finally able to eat real food, speak, play soccer and live the life of every other kid his age.

The video below has more on Emmet’s miraculous recovery.

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