Woman’s Bikini Photo Goes Viral After Sharing All Negative Comments About Her Body

A Kentucky woman’s bikini picture has gone viral after she shared all of the negative comments about her body she had ever received.

Molly Galbraith posted the photo of herself on a beach in a skimpy bikini on New Year’s Day alongside a post showing people their New Year’s resolution doesn’t need to be to change the way they look.

Galbraith, who is a personal trainer wrote about her constant battle to achieve the perfect body, saying that she had been called “too fat”, “too thin” and “too masculine” in the same week.

Molly Gralbeith

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to change the way my body looks. I’ve been overweight and I’ve been very lean, and I’ve been everything in between, but no matter my size or body fat percentage, it was never good enough,” the 31-your-old wrote.

“I always thought, ‘if I could just [insert change to my body here] then I would be good enough/pretty enough/worthy enough’.”

Molly Gralbeith

“Loving your body isn’t ‘giving up’ or not striving to improve,” she said.

Galbraith shared all the negative comments she had ever received about her body and said she wanted to show people they can be happy with their bodies and should love them as they are.

The personal trainer added: ”With all of the companies preying on the insecurities of women selling them quick-fixes and fad diets for their New Year’s Resolution, I wanted to do something different.

“I wanted to show them an example of a strong and healthy woman who isn’t interested in changing the way her body looks.

Thousands Facebook users have posted comments supporting Ms Galbraith, saying she looks “beautiful”, “natural”, “confident” and “sexy”.

The Facebook post has received nearly 100,000 likes and has been shared over 15,000 times.

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