Dog Carries And Saves Newborn Baby Girl Left In A Plastic Bag At A Dump

Pui, the dog in this video, knew something wasn’t right when he came across a particularly strange plastic bag while adventuring outside his home. The dog had noticed something inside the bag, so he took it to the front porch of his home and started barking as much as he could to get his owners attention.

The dog owner’s 12-year-old niece came out to calm Pui down, but what she found inside made them rush to the hospital.

Pui had discovered a 4 pound infant, believed to be premature, that had been left in a white plastic bag for an undetermined amount of time. The officials are now looking for her mother.

Since the news broke out, several families have offered to adopt the abandoned girl. This baby was doomed the moment she was left in the trash field, but thanks to Pui, she now has a chance to start a life with a family once she’s out of the local hospital. Amazing!

This story shows why “dogs are man’s best friend” isn’t just a random saying. And his actions didn’t go unrewarded!

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