Little Girl Wakes Up From Coma, Says She 'Saw An Angel' In a Near Death Experience

Ricci Enriquez was only 2 years old when she went through a traumatic experience that almost ended her life.

According to the video report below, the toddler was happily playing near the family pool, and her parents had looked away for only a few seconds when they heard a horrible splash. Their little girl had fallen into the pool, and when she was finally pulled out, she was unresponsive.

Fearing the worst, they rushed her to the hospital where she remained in a coma for days. Doctors were skeptical that she would be able to live a normal life ever again if she somehow managed to survive her initial injuries. But mom and dad never lost hope.

Then little Ricci suddenly opened her eyes and quicily began to recover, shocking the hospital staff. A month after being released form the hospital, Ricci and her mother were walking through a bookstore, when the little girl began to scream and scream while pointing at the image of an angel in the wall.

The mother knew in her soul the meaning. Her little girl had been saved by a guardian angel while she was in the coma. Watch their story in the the clip below.

while people don’t believe in angels, these stories continue to surface all over the world. Some, however, know in their souls that there’s a deeper meaning to what they see.

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