Police Finds 3-Year-Old Girl In Freezing Parking Lot After Carjacking, COLD, ALONE!

Little Caraline Leon was buckled into the backseat of her mother’s car when the man hopped in and drove off. Now Albuquerque police is offering a $5,000 reward for a tip that leads to the arrest of a man accused of stealing a car from a with the 3-year-old girl inside.

The mother was filling up a water-jug only 10 feet away from her car when the carjacker drove off with her daughter. Albuquerque police found the car about an hour later, but it would be several more hours before they found the little girl.

Officer Chris Poccia was driving through a desolated, freezing cold parking lot in the middle of the night when something small and purple caught his eye. There she was, a tiny little girl alone in the empty acres of the parking lot!

Officer Poccia rushed to the girl and felt a huge sense of relief wash over him when he saw that she was certainly going to be completely fine.

Many in the community are calling this a miracle. The incident was captured by the officer’s bodycam. It’s an emotional video, hard for a lot of people, especially for parents to watch.

“Someone knows who this guy is,” Tixier said. “Come forward, help us catch this guy,” Albuquerque mayor Richard Berry said.

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