Maggie Doyne Was Only 19 When She Started, Now She Raises 51 Kids And Counting

Published on Jan 8, 2016

Maggie Doyne just graduated from high school when she decided to volunteer for a year with an organization at a children’s home in India. However, since the manager was away most of the time, she took it upon herself to care for the 160 children that went to school there, 50 of them living there themselves. Since then, she couldn’t help but continue helping those in need in Nepal.

In 2008, the Kopila Valley Children’s Home opened where she and two locals took in and raised 44 children with nowhere to go. However, she didn’t stop there.

Wanting better education for the children in the community, many of which would be the first in their families, she opened the Kopila Valley School. Providing healthcare and food to the 220 and growing students, what she and the staff there have done is nothing short of impressive.

One of the newer members of the home is Ravi, a baby who had a lost his mother when he was 10 days old and was only 4-pounds at first, but now is in the best shape of his life thanks to Maggie.

What an amazing person.

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