This Poor Dog Endured Extreme Neglect, But You Won't Believe How He Looks Like NOW!

Disoriented and alone with almost no fur on his body, this dog looked to be on the brink of death when he was in a mountainous region of Bhutan, located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas in South Asia. He was in need of desperate medical attention.

Left to fend for himself, the sick pup was missing around half of his hair after being ravaged by mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.

Image; Facebook

But thankfully help was on hand from Tim Gorski, a filmmaker and animal rights activist who called a local rescue group to save the unwell animal from impending death.

Image; Facebook

Rescuers from The Maya Foundation shaved most of his remaining fur off to treat the mange, and now the dog – named Tim after his rescuer – is making a full recovery.

Image; Facebook

Just two weeks after being rescued, the group posted a picture of Tim with his skin looking smoother and healthier following treatment.

Now the adorable pooch is almost unrecognisable with a full body of black fur after making a miraculous recovery.

Image; Facebook

Sharing the picture on Facebook, Mr Gorski said: “This is how the world works, folks, through random acts of love and kindness rather than detachment and indignation.”

He added: “I urge everyone to not simply walk by when you see an animal suffering. Take the time. Connect with the animal. Make the call if need be. But do something. Don’t just walk by feeling sorry or helpless because you are not.”

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