Broadway Actor Writes Letter The Autistic Child Who Interrupted His Performance

In September 2015, Broadway actor Kelvin Moon Loh was performing in a matinee of “The King and I” on Broadway when he heard a commotion in the audience during a particularly intense moment in the show.

The distraction was caused by a young autistic boy in the crowd who started yelling and screaming loudly. The boy’s mother tried to lead him quietly out to the lobby, but the boy refused to go.

“The King and I” – Broadway

A few members of the audience, frustrated by the disruption, grew angry at the mother. They did after all spend $6,000 to see live theater. Feeling embarrassed, she decided to pick up her son and take him out of the theater.


While a few people were upset that their Broadway experience was interrupted during a powerful scene in the musical, Kelvin Moon Loh, one of the actors on stage had a message for those angry viewers and for anyone with autism who wants to see the show.

Kevin took to Facebook to express his own frustration. “I am angry and sad,” his message begins. “Just got off stage from today’s matinee and yes, something happened. Someone brought their autistic child to the theater. That being said — this post won’t go the way you think it will.”

Kevin Moon Loh – Facebook

Kelvin’s Facebook post went viral with thousands of shares and over 120,000 likesas of Saturday, but wait until you see why.

Scroll down to see what Kelvin wrote to the child who interrupted his performance:


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