'When I'm Gone' – Song From Cancer-Fighting Country Singer Will Break Your Heart

The past several weeks have been a roller-coaster for country stars Joey and Rory Feek.

Joey, 40, is currently in hospice care for terminal cancer, and in a heart-wrenching blog post shared on Saturday, the terminally ill country singer’s husband and musical partner, Rory, told fans that his longtime love believes she’s entered her final days.

Rory Feek. Photo: Facebook

“Here I sit beside my dying wife,” Rory, 49, wrote in his emotional post. “My beautiful wife is ready to come home to God.” he added.

Rory Feek. Photo: Facebook

“I’d like to tell you that she’s doing great and is going to beat this thing,” he wrote in the heartbreaking blog post. “But I can’t.”

Rory Feek. Photo: Facebook

In the post, Rory also reflected on the pair’s 2012 song, “When I’m Gone,” which is sung from the perspective of a dying person to her loved ones. The similarities between the song and Joey’s current battle with cancer were not lost on Rory.

Hearing those powerful lyrics will leave you with tears rolling down your face.

“It is a very special song, filled with hope and love,” wrote Rory. “And in time, I believe it will have the power to help heal a million broken hearts…Even mine.”

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