Five Heroic Kids Save Mom From Armed Intruder

The five children you’re about to meet are extraordinary. While children are typically the silent victims of domestic violence, these brave children put themselves in harms way to save their mother’s life from an armed intruder. What makes this story even more heartbreaking, the armed intruder was their dad.

For seven years, Rachel Moore of Brisbane, Australia and her boyfriend Daryl Fields were happy. During this time, Daryl was gentle and patient. But three years ago, their relationship came to an end when Daryl attacked Rachel.

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According to the 60 MINUTES, Rachel had been a victim of domestic violence in her previous relationship and knew that violent behavior only worsens over time. So she asked him to move out and vowed never to be with Daryl again. But he was the father to two of her five kids.

For about two years, Rachel and Daryl had an amicable relationship for the sake of the children. But her worst fear materialized when one night Daryl stormed inside the home armed with a shotgun.

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It was April 11, 2014. Rachel was home with her five kids — 14-year-old Jayden, 12-year-old Cameron, 10-year-old Kaylee, 4-year-old Zane, and 2-year-old Samantha. Immediately, Rachel knew that her family was in danger.

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As Rachel hid the children in the bedroom, Fields came from behind and shot her twice in the arm, causing her to black out. His plan was to murder her, but he wasn’t expecting the courage and physical strength of these five children who jumped into action to save their mother.

Stories of survival are rarely told by children, but these heroic children shared this incredible saga with 60 MINUTES in the video below.

If not for their bravery, these kids would no longer have a mother. Now, Rachel is sharing her story of domestic violence, because she says “it can happen to anyone.”

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H/T: LittleThings, 60 Minutes.

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