This Hunter Was Shocked By What He Found In The Woods. When I Saw It, My JAW DROPPED!

When hunter Greg Zubiak was canvassing the field, preparing for moose hunting in a secluded area, he saw something in the distance that was certainly far from moose-sized. When he walked up to took a closer look, he discovered a gold mine! Twenty abandoned puppies!

Zubiak couldn’t believe his eyes. “They all just kind of looked at me and I guess my moose hunt was over. I just said, ‘OK, come on,’ and as soon as I said that, they all come running to me,” he said.

Greg Zubiak. Video frame

The adorable puppies needed extra warmth. If they were left there overnight, the pups would have most likely died from the cold or being hunted by coyotes. Thankfully, Greg was at the right place at the right time, and took the clothes off of his back and covered them.

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Zubiak added: “I just took off what I was wearing when I was hunting, like all my hunting stuff, and made them kind of a little place in the front of the box of the truck.

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The caring hunter then took the puppies to the local Humane Society. But the shelter was a small one and staff were scrambling to make space for the new pups. That’s when the community came together to do something truly amazing!

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We’re so glad these puppies were rescued. I’m sure they will have homes in no time. We wish that we could take them ALL home!

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