Cop Responds To Complaint Of Kids Playing Basketball. What He Does Next Has Gone Viral

When someone called 911 to complain about kids playing basketball, this Gainesville police officer responded in the best possible way.

With all the negative headlines surrounding police officers and community policing these days, it’s truly refreshing when a video like this comes along and allows us to restore a little bit of faith in humanity.

A person in Gainesville, Florida was probably feeling miserable and decided to call the police to complain about kids playing basketball in the street recently. But, as you can see in the dashcam video below, the responding officer handled the call in the best way possible.

Instead of being a jerk and shutting down the kids’ fun, he joined in on the action, playing with them for about 10 minutes, even lowering the rim and throwing down a dunk on the neighborhood kids!

As he heads back to his cruiser, the cool cop asks the kids if they’re going to be playing around the same time the next day, as he plans on swinging by and bring some “backup” to get a game going.

Talk about good policing! The person who called in the complaint must have been quite distraught when the officer did this!

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