Woman Gives Homeless Man a Place To Stay. Days Later, He Saves Her Life

Thomas Smith had been homeless for several months before he was offered a place to stay – a long-time friend told Thomas that she would gladly take him in. He was overwhelmed by her generosity and happy he finally had a place to lay his head comfortably. But that would soon change when the unthinkable happened.

One night, Thomas was awakened by a loud boom. At first, he thought a burglar had broken in, but soon the smell of smoke consumed the house. He quickly realized what was happening – a huge fire was spreading.

He immediately ran into his friend’s bedroom, where he found the 66-year-old woman trapped underneath debris which had fallen from the ceiling moments after the explosion that caused the fire.

“I jumped out the bed and ran to her room, and something was on top of her,” Thomas says in the news report below. He quickly grabbed the woman and ran straight to the other bedroom where her two granddaughters – aged 8 and 10 years old – were sleeping.

“There was smoke everywhere, but I got them out the house as fast as I could,” he told reporters.

Thomas is being hailed a hero for his act of courage, but he truly is only concerned with his friend and her granddaughter’s safety and health.

Though he won’t admit it, we think Thomas is indeed a hero. Please SHARE if you think so too.

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