Disabled Veteran Modifies Wheelchair To Help Community With Snow Plowing

Published on Jan 23, 2016

When veterans are called to serve, they don’t put our country on a waiting list. Instead, they always go beyond the call of duty, as exemplified by this remarkable story.

Justin Anderson, a disabled veteran in Omaha, who has already given so much for his country, found a way to give even more.

Like many other parts of the country, Omaha has been blanketed by an incredible amounts of snow and bad weather conditions this winter. While some citizens voiced their complaints to the city’s slow response to clear the snow, Justin Anderson decided to actually do something about it.

Anderson modified his wheelchair and turn it into a snow plow to help clear snow around his neighborhood.He spent hours clearing snow “because he didn’t want kids to be slipping, or his neighbors to be forced to trek through the snow.”

NBC affiliate WOWT6 News has the story in the video below:

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