Teen Asks Mom To Stop Car To Help Elderly Man With Walker Shovel Snow From Driveway

At Tabooya, we love sharing stories that reflect the best side of humanity. This particular story is getting a lot of attention on social media and you’ll see why.

Two strangers: One 18- years old and a high school senior, the other, a 76-year-old senior citizen, both meeting by chance when the teen decided to do the right thing.

Across Central Virginia, heavy snow is a common sight. When Teresa and her son, Tommy, were driving home one day the teen spotted an elderly man with a walker on the side of the road, trying to clear a mound of snow from his driveway. That’s when he demanded his mom to stop the car.

Confused and concerned by the sudden demand, Teresa stopped the car and asked: “What’s wrong?” Tommy responded: “There’s an older man with a walker shoveling snow — I’ll help him out.”

Teresa was a proud mother at that moment. She grabbed her camera to take photos of Tommy helping the elderly man, but couldn’t hold back tears as she saw the result of her parenting unfolding before her eyes.

CBS Affiliate WTVR-6 picked up the story in the video below:

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