Watch The Incredible Effects Of Mixing Milk And Coca Cola

Milk and Coke are two substances that we all have consumed separately. When they are combined, however, they produce something I didn’t expect.

While watching this video made my stomach churn a little bit, I found it so fascinating that that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen.

“The reason why these two liquids react to each other in this way is because the phosphoric acid molecules in Coke adhere themselves to the milk which creates a dense solid. That solid separates from the liquid and sinks to the bottom of the container,” according to the YouTube video description.

This experiment seems to confirm some of the recent findings that suggest a connection between high soda intake and increased risk of bone fractures. According to WebMD, recent studies have shown that the phosphoric acid in colas may reduce bone density, leading to Osteoporosis.

In the meanwhile, to counteract potential bone loss, it’s important to increase calcium intake in your diet.

Watch the experiment in the video below, and be sure to SHARE your thoughts in the comments section.

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