Man And His Daughter Celebrate Their Birthdays By Doing 39 Random Acts of kindness

Published on Jan 28, 2016

Lee Beck and his daughter, Amélie, were celebrating their birthdays — 32 and 7. But instead of indulging in a birthday party, they wanted to celebrate the occasion by doing something different.

Beck, who works at Oxford Brookes University, and Amélie, who loves gymnastics, reading, and nature, decided to do 39 random acts of kindness for their birthdays!

The reason they chose 39 is because it was the sum of the birthdays they were celebrating: 32 and 7. What follows is an incredible amount of sweetness that is melting the internet’s heart.

Watch what they did, set to one of the best songs ever. You might experience warm fuzzy feelings.

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H/T: Upworthy.

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