Car Crash Victim Turns Her Back Brace Into Steampunk Armor

Last November, Madelaine Cable, from Charlotte, North Carolina, had emergency spinal fusion surgery after getting into a car accident that left her with a fractured T12.

She was told she had to wear a back brace for the next couple of months, all day long, in order for it to heal properly.

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She said the brace made her look “frail.” But instead of hiding away until the brace was off, the 17-year-old decided she wanted to be perceived as the survivor she was.

Madelaine told the Huffington Post that she “hated how bland the brace looked and wanted to make it something fun that I’d enjoy wearing and feel proud of instead of embarrassed by.”

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So she transformed her bulky brace into a badass steampunk armor.

Photo: Facebook

And a warrior was born.

“It looks like custom cosplay armor, SO COOL!,” Madelaine’s mother said reacting to her daughter’s creation.

“To me, it symbolizes the battle I’m fighting while going through this. I’m a warrior,” Madelaine said.

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