The Internet Is Going Bonkers Trying To Find Six Hidden Words In This Drawing

In recent weeks, the internet has been set abuzz by a series of visual tests. First, users were tasked with finding a hidden panda in a sea of snowmen. Then people were scratching their heads trying to spot a cat surrounded by owls. Now, a more difficult test is going viral.

A children’s publication is challenging people of all ages to find the six words hidden in the picture below. The colorful drawing features a family sitting in their living room reading books, along with secret words scrawled throughout the image.

It’s taking some people a very long time to find them all. Can you spot the six hidden words? Go ahead:


Did you find them all? Scroll down to see the answers.

Now you can clearly see the words: Book, story, word, page, Novel, and Read

Did you find them all without the answer key? Let us know in the comments section below, but don’t spoil the answers for others.

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