Strict Math Teacher's Secret Identity Revealed… As 'Baby Whisperer'

When students at St. Francis High School in La Canada, California, learned where their math teacher, Jim O’Connor, spends his free time outside of the classroom, they couldn’t believe it.

With his short gray hair, watchful eyes, authoritative voice and strict manner, the Vietnam veteran and math teacher is known for commanding respect in the classroom. So his students were surprised when they learned about his nickname at the hospital where he volunteers: the baby whisperer.

One afternoon, the boys took a field trip to see where the donated blood would go. In the hallways of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, they were greeted like VIPs because they were associated with one – their teacher.

“He was like a celebrity there. Everybody knew his name,” a student said.

O’Connor has been a “TLC Volunteer” at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, visiting the patients who need a little extra care because they are lonely, fussy, scared, or have no parents. He has done so for the past 20 years!

“They’re beautiful; they’re just dependent on people. They can do no wrong,” O’Connor said. “The kids who have nobody… they just want to be held by somebody.”

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