What This Dad Shared On Facebook About His Autistic Son And Prom Date Is Going Viral

Parenting teenagers isn’t easy. Dealing with mood swings and trying to discipline your growing child while letting them have their independence can be a challenging task. But when your teenager son has autism as well, life can be very complicated and difficult.

So when this dad shared a story about his autistic son, Jon Larson, and his prom date, it really touched our hearts, and you’ll see why it’s going viral.

When Jon was diagnosed with autism more than 16 years ago, his parents formed a mental list of all the things he would never do: Play on the football team, get married, go to prom. But last week, Jon and his date went to prom.

After the prom was over, Jon’s father posted a photo of the pair on Facebook explaining why this photo held such a special place in his heart.

Larson told reporters that watching his son at prom was a dream come true: “It’s something I never thought would happen for our family, and not only did it happen, but it’s happened in such a beautiful way –– It will be one of the nicest memories of our lives.”

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