“I Feel Like A Fraud” – Ashton Kutcher Stuns The Audience, Then Said THIS

When actor Ashton Kutcher walked onstage to accept the Ultimate Teen Choice award in 2013, he used the opportunity to deliver some words of wisdom to a room full of kids and thousands more watching at home.

Kutcher, who rose to stardom in the early 2000’s with his easy going personality in the ’70’s Show”, began his speech by telling everyone that “he feels like a fraud” before sharing the hard lessons he learned in the entertainment industry.

“I feel like a fraud. Ashton isn’t even my real name, my first name’s Chris.”

Kutcher hasn’t ever been known for words of wisdom – until now. The audience was in awe after those words, but what he said next left everyone cheering and it has gone viral.

“Be thoughtful and be generous. Everything else is worthless, I promise you. It’s just junk that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less.”

Watch Kutcher’s inspiring speech below:

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