Frustrated Homeowner Who Couldn't Grow Grass Digs Up Lawn, Finds WWII Bomb Shelter

Jim Clark had been trying to grow a decent lawn for 30 years. Unfortunately, despite countless attempts, he consistently failed. Frustrated, he decided to dig up the lawn, and was stunned to discover a World War II bunker underneath his patio.

The 62-year-old gardener told yahoo News: “I’ve been trying everything to get the grass to grow in that area for three decades — putting down turf, new seed, fertilizer, leaving the hose pipe running for three hours to soak the grass — but it’s always been brown and dry.”

Photo: Clark Family / Yahoo News

After digging up his entire lawn, to investigate the problem, he found a heavy duty concrete World War II bunker built by the previous owner to withstand Nazi bombs.

Photo: Clark Family / Yahoo News

“I’m just glad to get to the bottom of it after all this time. My wife came out and I’d unearthed this air raid shelter. She couldn’t believe it, she thinks I’m crazy,” Jim said.

Photo: Clark Family / Yahoo News

He dug up the shelter with the help of his two daughters. “It’s not every day you uncover something like this from the Second World War,” Clark said.

Photo: Clark Family / Yahoo News

According to Yahoo News, Jim has lived in the same house in Bedlington, Northumberland for 33 years, but had no idea there was a massive historic ‘time capsule’ buried under his scraggly lawn.

H/T: Yahoo News.

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