Watch The Incredible Moment a Schoolboy Helps a Stingray Give Birth To 12 Babies

This young Australian boy never expected to become an internet sensation. But that’s exactly what happened after he captured the incredible moment he helped a stingray give birth to 12 tiny babies and posted his amazing encounter on YouTube.

Miller Wilson, from Queensland came across the female stingray lying on the bank of a mangrove creek and noticed the ‘big momma’ was “really fat”.

“You OK?,” Miller asked the stingray as he stroked her. “This one is really fat, I don’t know if she’s either pregnant and she’s come up here to have babies or whether she’s just beached herself… we’ll have to see.”

The video, however, has sparked some controversy. While many people applaud the 12-year-old’s actions, others believe he was probably hurting the animal as she was trying to give birth.

“I am positive this stingray did not need this child’s ‘help’, he could have damaged the delicate skeletal system of these young stingrays,” commenter Flora Bradfield wrote.

Another user added: “Unless there was a vet close by advising he should have left it alone.”

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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