Dog Spots A Group Of People Running And Joins Them, Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon

Ever accidentally join and finish a half-marathon… in 7th place?! Well, that’s what this dog did when she left her Alabama home for a nice morning stroll, only to end up joining a marathon with over 165 participants – her being one of them.

What started as getting fresh air turned into a 21 kilometer run.

Practically leading the pack, Ludivine got more of a morning run than she expected.

Ludivine, two-year-old bloodhound from Elkmont, Tennessee, had the small town in surprise of what she had just accomplished.

Ludivine running along a runner in the marathon, just because.

Ludivine’s owners weren’t even aware of what had happened until one of them started getting several texts of the tired pup from at the end of the finish line!

Ludivine certainly has a competitive spirit!

In honor of her performance and finishing in 7th place, Ludivine earned herself a medal – that and a well deserved nap.

Hard work pays off!

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