Artist Illustrated Every Single Day He Spent With His Wife In 365 Adorable Drawings

For artist Curtis Wiklund, every day of the year is Valentine’s Day, and he found a way to keep the romance alive in a very creative way.

Wiklund illustrated every single day he spent with his beloved wife in 365 adorable drawings that have captured the heart of the internet.

The sketch project captures the small, intimate moments of his marriage, like remodeling a house or budgeting, as well as the big ones like finding out you’re expecting. The result is a remarkable love story.

Here are some of his adorable drawings:

What should I draw? Us.




Our Christmas tree.


Memorizing Psalm 91.


Cold season.


What would your 6-yr-old self say if he could see you today?


We’re pregnant.


Though the project is over, Wiklund said he’s continued sketching and even started working on a coffee table collection of his works called “The Drawings of Us.”

You can go to his website to see more of his work.

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