This Man Spent Two Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers For The Most Adorable Reason Ever

Every spring, more than 7,000 people flock to this field in Shintomi Town, Japan. Every year, the land bursts into a sea of pink flowers, which were all planted by a single man for what may be the most adorable, incredible reason ever.

Mr and Mrs Kuroki brought the land after they married in 1956. But after 30 years of marriage, Mrs Kuroki lost her vision in just a week because of a complication from diabetes.

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Because of her condition, Mrs Kuroki began to shut herself away, into a life of seclusion in her home. Mr Kuroki figured that if he could get a few people to visit his wife every day, it would cheer her up.

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So he spent nearly two years creating the foundation for a garden, chopping down trees and planting flowers. Eventually, their home was surrounded by an ocean of sweet-smelling pink flowers.

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His plan worked. Mrs Kuroki was lured outside by the beautiful smell of the flowers and seems to have cheered up considerably.

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Now, Mr and Mrs Kuroki walk in their garden every day, along with the thousands of lovers who flock to the field every year.

Watch their heartwarming video below:

This is beyond adorable!

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