This Starving Stray Darmatian Is SKINNIEST Dog Rescuers Have Ever Seen

When RSPCA got word of a starving dog wandering around the Leconsfield Industrial Estate, they immediately geared up to rescue him. But no one was prepared for what they found.

The poor pup has been left looking like a skeleton draped in fur after being so badly neglected. The dog, named Spot by the rescuers because of his Dalmatian-like markings, was left so badly emaciated, desperate for food.

Photo: Ben Lack Photography

“He is the skinniest dog I think I’ve ever seen alive, literally skin and bones,” said RSPCA inspector Martyn Fletcher. “He really is in a truly shocking state,” he added.

Photo: Ben Lack Photography

Veterinarians believe Spot is about two years old. But he was not wearing a collar and identification tag nor fitted with a microchip. Their initial assessment suggests that his body condition is down to starvation, rather than any underlying medical issues.

“He is such an unusual colored dog for a lurcher-type, white with Dalmatian-type black spots, that we hope someone will recognise him,” Inspector Fletcher said.

Photo: Ben Lack Photography

RSPCA want to hear from anyone who knows who his owner is, or who saw anything they think might help with our investigation.

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