Her Tattoo Says “I’m Fine,” But a Different Angle Reveals a Shocking Message

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but for most of that time they were stigmatized, associated with the criminal underworld. Now, thanks in part to the influence of celebrities and sports stars, tattoos have become much more socially accepted in the past decade.

As a trend driven by a younger generation that isn’t afraid of standing out, tattoos are commonplace nowadays. But its hard to spot anything new or unique. Many people tend to go overboard with tattoos that look more of a mess than a display of intricate skin art.

When Bekah Miles decided on a tattoo, however, she wanted something truly different – something that had actual meaning, based on actual experience. It was her suffering from depression that inspired her ink. When someone would ask how she was, she would respond, “I’m fine.” Of course, she wasn’t.

From people’s perspective, her tattoo reads “I’m Fine.” But from her own angle, it actually reads “Save Me.” She knew a lot of other people were “not fine” either, and she wanted to ink something that spoke about what she and others felt.

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This is a very clever tattoo that symbolizes the double life that so many who suffer from depression end up leading.

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