Man Drags Struggling Wild Shark By Its Tail, Then Poses On Top Of It For Photo

In another instance of incredible stupidity, a man was videotaped in Palm Beach, Florida roughly pulling a shark out of the water by the tail and then posing on top of it as onlookers took photos.

People were quick to condemn the incident. The video below, posted to Youtube by ABC99 News, went viral triggering hundreds of comments ranging from “idiot” and “insane” to “Someone should drag that guy around in the water and feed him to sharks just for pictures.”

“Removing a shark from the ocean for the sake of a selfie is highly cruel,” Elizabeth Hogan, U.S. Oceans and Wildlife Campaign Manager of World Animal Protection, told The Huffington Post.

“This animal would have been suffocating and unable to breathe the entire time it was kept out of the water,” she added. “Posing with sharks on land for photographs needlessly jeopardizes their lives and well-being.”
According to The Brevard Times identified the animal as a bull shark, which is common in the area as the nearby Indian River Lagoon acts as an important nursery habitat for baby bull sharks.

A similar incident took place last week when beachgoers in Argentina incurred social media’s wrath after they passed around a rare dolphins for selfies, killing him.

“We urge people to leave marine animals in their wild ocean homes. If you come across a marine animal that’s been beached or washed ashore, notify your local authorities immediately for assistance,” Hogan said.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think.

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H/T: Huffington Post

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