Teen Shows Patriotism By Making Soldiers A Part Of The Flag They Fight For

The American Flag has been the subject of a countless number of works of art, but never quite like the one made by this 17-year-old student.

Jacob Feazel decided that he wanted his art project to be a reflection of his patriotism, so he set out to make a giant flag.

Video frame / Youtube

At first glance it looks like any other American flag, but when you take a closer look…

Video frame / Youtube

“There 4, 466 soldiers here,” Jacob told reporters.

It took the 17-year-old 11 days and 56 hours to spray paint each one and glue them to a 4-by-6 foot wooden platform.

Video frame / Youtube

Pictures of his project went viral on social media with users praising the teen for his creativity and patriotism.

Video frame / Youtube

Watch Jacob’s interview below, and be sure to pass it on!

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