Strangers Act Of Kindness Helps Elderly Man Honor Late Wife

During the cold winter, there’s really not a whole lot to do at Lakeside Park in the city of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. But for a couple of months, two city workers took it upon themselves to shovel a walkway that no one really needed to walk on.

Bud Caldwell lost his wife Betty a couple of years ago, but he still honors her with the things she loved the most. Betty’s favorite song was “A Daisy a Day”, so he brings daisies to his wife’s memorial bench as often as he can.

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However, his ritual was interrupted when snow covered the path he took to the bench. That’s when complete strangers stepped in to help clear the way for Caldwell.

“For most people the walkway is a path to nowhere but it’s a path to somewhere for one person,” one of the men told CBS News.

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