This Swimmer's Incredible Ability To Hold Her Breath Will Leave You Speechless

The oceans have given birth to countless myths, legends, mysteries and events still not completely explained by mankind. Stories of Mermaids have been told for centuries, be it in the form of folklores, legends or fairy tales. But the swimmer you’re about to meet, while not a mermaid, is real and will leave you in awe.

Italian free jumper Ilaria Molinari, 37 has been swimming since she was a child and has won several tournaments in her local Italy. She says her adoration for the water was motivated by her mom, a sea life researcher.

In the clip below, she shows her astonishing ability to hold her breath without the need of breathing device or scuba gear. Throughout the video, the former champion jumper put on a mesmerizing display using only a nose cut at the world’s deepest swimming pool inside the Millepini Hotel in Montegrotto Terme, Italy. Watch:

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