Little Penguin Walks Into Her Office. But Watch Closely When His Is Touched

Penguins are cute just by walking around, but this little penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo has taken cuteness to a whole new level with his adorable “laugh.”

Cookie has been charming people all over the word. He seems to “laugh” when he gets tickled, and it couldn’t be cuter! In the video below, the adorable penguin walks around the office wagging his tail as he raises his wings in the air. “Come on little one,” zookeeper Patricia Sun says. At first, it doesn’t look like he’s going to do much.

However, Cookie eventually walks in, and it’s worth the wait. Another employee taps his hand on the floor to get Cookie to come over to him. When the little penguin makes it over, the man starts to tickle Cookie who reacts with the cutest “giggle” ever!

Enjoy, and be sure to share this adorable video with your friends!

What do you think of little Cookie? Have you ever heard a penguin laugh before?

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