Little Girl, Godfather Stun The Crowd With Electrifying Father-Daughter Dance At School

There’s nothing sweeter than a father-daughter dance, especially when the latter is a child. But even when it’s not a biological father, but a close father figure, who fills that place, the moment can be emotional as well. This is such the case.

In the video below, featuring a dad-daughter competition at Lithonia High School in Lithonia, GA, godfather Major Sutton steps in to dance with his goddaughter London. The two performed to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” and stunned the crowd with their electrifying dance moves. Just watch them at 1:47 — simply adorable!

“I was in awe when my sister Rina asked me if I would accompany my precious goddaughter to the Valentine’s Day Father/Daughter Dance! I said it would be my honor to take my baby!” Sutton wrote In his Facebook page.

Although they didn’t win the competition, it’s still heartwarming to watch them in action.

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