Terminally Ill Groom Fulfills Last Wish, Dies Just Hours Later

Over the years, we’ve seen a good share of incredible wedding videos, but this one really got to us. The wedding was set to take place in July, coinciding with the groom’s 30th birthday. But then the unthinkable happened.

Not too long after 29-year-old Rowden Go proposed to his girlfriend Leizel May, he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer –an aggressive cancer, which at that stage, has very low chance of survival.

With his health quickly deteriorating, Rowden’s last wish was simple: to marry Leizel in front of those he loved most, including the couple’s two-year-old daughter.

With time running out, Rowden’s family put together a last-minute wedding in June. They had only 12 hours of prep time and Rowen was too sick to leave the hospital. So his bride and family came to him.

A video of the heartbreaking ceremony was posted to YouTube where it has been watched by over 15 million people. Rowden died on June 11, just 10 hours after he said “I do.”

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