Hurt Deer Lay Down To Rest And When A Woman Came To Help…Wow

Published on Mar 3, 2016

After years of leading leads her herd through the same migratory path, a wild deer named Eva met a woman who every year comes out of her house to see the deers walk by.

This time, she hit a little speed bump in her travels. She must have walked through some jagged shrubbery, as she had some big gashes along her back. The matriarch deer was exhausted.

Exhausted, the matriarch decided to lay down for a much needed rest. That’s when the familiar woman came to check on her. Amazingly, Eva knew that the woman was only there to help. The deer was so incredibly comfortable, it’s unbelievable.

The amount of trust that Eva has for this woman is a truly wonderful rarity. It’s amazing to see humanity and nature interacting with each other in such a kind and gentle way.

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