Armed Robber Demands Money From This Cashier, But He Never Expected This EPIC Reaction

A dramatic video showing the moment a store clerk confronting an armed robber at a convenience store in Georgia, has surfaced online, and it has gone viral.

In the shocking CCTV footage, released by Burke County sheriff’s office on Tuesday, cashier Bhumika Patel tries to complete a transaction when the thief pulls a gun and makes a grab for the cash register. But Patel didn’t mess around.

The fearless woman pushes his gun away and smashes him on the head with the cash drawer. She then grabs a hammer and chases him out of the store. Incredibly, she wasn’t injured in the incident.

“Just a little bit of a scratch here. Three nails lose. That’s it,” she told reporters.

“I just believe strongly in my religion and my God, if he wants to sell me, nobody can touch me,” she said.

According to Huffington Post, police later arrested 17-year-old Christian Dakota Thornton at his home in Richmond County. He was charged with criminal attempt armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during a crime.

He also learned a great lesson: Don’t mess with this cashier!

Watch CNN’s report on the incident:

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