Coast Guard Rescues Dog From Icy Water In Nail Biting Video

The Coast Guard’s job is to defend and preserve the United States, with responsibilities including Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE), Port Security and Military Readiness. But, as the video below shows, these brave professionals go above and beyond their call of duty to save lives.

When these Coast Guard members look out a window and spotted a yellow Lab struggling in the icy waters of Lake Betsie in Frankfort, Michigan, they immediately jumped into action to save the dog’s life.

The dog was shaken up and shivering with only minutes before suffering irreversible damage due to hypothermia. The rescuers knew they had to act fast. It was exhausting and difficult as they struggled to get through the heavy chunks and plates of ice all around. Thankfully they were able to pull her to safety.

The rescue team then brought to a local shelter where she was examined and cared for. They later found the owner who said the dog went missing earlier that day. She apparently traveled eight miles from home before getting stuck in the lake.

The dramatic rescue was captured on film and posted to Youtube. Watch, and please SHARE this incredible act of kindness.

Please SHARE this incredible video if you are proud of the U.S. Coast Guard for saving this pup’s life.

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