This Puppy Was Too Sick To Get Up, But When She is Shown Love? Amazing!

Published on Mar 7, 2016

This puppy had many reasons to give up on the world. She was extremely emaciated, wounded, and in very poor health. She was found collapsed on the side of the road, unable to get up on her own. But despite her condition, her tail never stopped wagging!

Thanks to an unexpected act of kindness, this pup was able to undergo a dramatic transformation and completely change her fortune for good. Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India were the first to find this emaciated creature, who most likely would’ve died soon after.

The rescue team took her to their shelter, where they treated her for canine distemper. This disease is usually fatal, but miraculously the treatments worked well and she was back to eating and walking again after just two weeks!

Watch the amazing rescue below, and be sure to pass it on!

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