Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Thinks Cop Is Its Mom, Hops Into His 'Pouch'

Published on Mar 11, 2016

This adorable baby kangaroo just wanted to snuggle up inside its mom’s pouch. But after his mother was accidentally killed by a truck, it found the next best thing: a police officer’s t-shirt

The 4-month-old joey was found by residents in the tiny town of Cue, Australia, and was pulled from its dead mom’s pouch and handed to cops.

Officer Scott Mason, who’s just become a father himself, is looking after the cute marsupial, who has been named Cujoe.

“Because it needs to be fed every three hours, it’s going to be my little child basically, as my wife’s in Perth with our newborn,” Mason told reporters.

The video below shows the adorable ‘roo hopping head-first inside a police officer’s t-shirt and cuddling up. It’s adorable!

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