Camera Spots Massive Splash In The Water. Suddenly Something Unbelievable Emerges From Below …

The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface and are filled with mysterious creatures, some of which we have hardly ever seen and know very little about. One of these strange animals is as adorable as it is peculiar: The Mobula ray.

Researches at the BBC recently came across a massive swarm of Modula rays while filming in the coast of souther California, and it was a sight to behold. These creatures favorite thing to do is fly!

Mobula rays tend to stay in large clusters numbering hundreds of the species, and are frequently found jumping out of the water, their flapping fins making them look like they’re flying for a few short seconds. Interestingly, no one has reached a real consensus as to why they do this.

Scientists speculate that such displays of prowess is probably to impress potential mates, attracting faraway animals of the same species to the cluster, or getting rid of parasites. One thing is certain — what these animals do is simply amazing.

Sadly, because they stay in large, tight-knit groups, they are prime targets for fishing.

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