Inspiring 345-Pound Woman Shares Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Published on Mar 14, 2016

At 345 pounds, Tracy was morbidly obese and at high rick of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, but her courageous determination helped her overcome insurmountable odds to reach her goals, proving that nothing is impossible.

Tracy endured endless bullying almost her entire life. As a child, classmates called her hateful names to her face and behind her back. Doctors constantly lectured her her, but she learned to mask her fears and live in denial. “Eating became her escape, and she grew up pretending to be happy,” she explains in the video below. Inside, however, she was miserable.

Then she decided to turn her life around and within one year her transformation is truly jaw-dropping and she did using no diet drugs or surgery. Just wait until you see Tracy by the end of this video!

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