What This Cop Was Caught Doing With 10-Month-Old Baby After Mom’s Car Crash Has Gone Viral

Published on Mar 14, 2016

When Spokane officer Shane Phillips rushed to the scene of an accident in Spokane, Washington, he never expected his actions to be national news. But that’s exactly what happened after he was caught on film going above and beyond the call of duty in the most amazing way.

A mother lost control of her car and struck the parked vehicles, her ten-month-old baby girl was in the back seat. While mom was being attended to by rescue personnel, officer Phillips was left to focus on the tiny passenger who was crying unconsolably. What Phillips did next is garnering praise throughout social media.

The caring officer comforted the baby, then proceeded to feed her, and even changed her diaper!

Watch the video below, and please SHARE it if you believe we are fortunate to have people like officer Phillips and other rescue personnel who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a difficult situation a little bit better.

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